About Me

From New England to Southern California, AND BACK

I was born and raised exactly half way between Boston and New York City, in a small Connecticut suburb on the Massachusetts state line.

Eventually I found my way across the United States to Southern California for 20 years, splitting time between Hollywood and Orange County. Living a block from Sunset Strip and working steps off Hollywood Blvd and the Walk of Fame was quite an experience.

In 2019 I finally put roots down in Tampa, FL.

The plate off my 2004 VW Beetle.

In 1982 when I was just 10, my Dad bought a Texas Instruments TI-99 instead of an Atari 2400 like my friends had. I learned to code BASIC on that thing hooked to a console tv. It had no floppy drive, so I had to record my programs to a tape cassette recorder. My Dad eventually got his first home computer, a monochrome 8086, about 14mhz at the time. I would continue my programming trajectory till about age 12.

I got my first Mac in 1993, a 25mhz Quadra 650. In 1995 I experienced the Mosaic browser for the first time, exploring web pages. I quickly fell in love and learned everything I could about HTML, GIFs, frames and tables. I developed my first website in 1996 on what was at the time called Geocities, eventually acquired by Yahoo.

Learning to program BASIC in 1982.

My Dad also taught me photography at 9 years old, developing black and white in our home 8×8 darkroom in the basement. I have had a love for photography to this day, focusing on landscape and action photography. If I won Powerball, I’d travel the world with my family, photographing exotic streets and scenery while eating amazing food.

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Walking the streets of Hollywood.

I have always had a love for electronic music, throughout the 80s and exploding in the 90s when I saw and heard acts like Underworld, Crystal Method and Prodigy. I would eventually DJ for a brief bit, focusing on progressive house and trance. While I quit DJing a long while ago, I still put together mixes from time to time in Ableton Live.

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Throwing it back to 2001.

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