I’m Jason, Brand Lead, Operational Technology (OT) at OPSWAT, the leader in global critical infrastructure cybersecurity. I have 25+ years experience visually shaping compelling brand stories that drive results.

Defender of pixels, champion of users, enforcer of brand.

More about me…

2021 Design and UX/UI Reel

I excel at the intersection of tech, creative and client.

For over 25 years I have worked in digital, having hand coded website and banner ads in the mid to late 90s to overseeing a $3m redesign of an 1800 page website for a global motorcycle manufacturer, to leading everything design at an early stage startup.

From this experience across marketing, art direction and technology, I have the ability to distill complex concepts down to simple to understand presentations for clients and go-do’s for my team.

I see the 50,000 foot picture as it relates to multiple business units, being the glue between divisions, building relationships and ensuring everyone’s goals are met.

When it comes to solving problems I apply design thinking within an agile/scrum framework. I feel this fosters innovation within a collaborative environment, allowing for rapid failure and iteration to validate and achieve the best outcome.

Leading globally distributed teams to do their best work.

Since 2017 I have worked with teams from Spain to Pakistan to Australia. Over communicating and attention to detail are key in managing people from afar, no matter the distance.

As Design Director for the start up Doculife, I’ve worked alongside our Marketing Director who lives in Spain, and our development team based in Australia.

During that time I have also worked with teams in Pakistan and Dubai to design and launch 4 mobile apps, 1 of which had over 2.5 million users and won a bronze Effie.

As a leader I implement a radical candor style of feedback. Being direct and honest with feedback fosters rapid iteration an emotional detachment. The team must always be striving for the best pattern and result for the situation, not the latest trend.

Career Highlights

Building and Growing a SaaS Startup from 0 to 1000s

I’ve lead everything ux, design and brand for Doculife, a SaaS startup with over $3m in funding, since it’s inception.

After a slight pivot in 2018 we now offer an all-in-one collaboration, planning and file organization platform targeted at consumers and small business.

The application has realtime chat, storage, multiple view states, realtime collaboration, import email, tagging and a variety of productivity widgets like checklists, maps, rich notes and more.

The application is available through the web, iOS and Android apps.


  • Limited resources
  • Globally distributed team
  • Wide audience
  • Many features

  • Develop USP and mission
  • Develop identity & brand guidelines
  • Develop personas
  • Develop design system
  • Design web app and iterate through testing
  • Design mobile app and iterate through testing

Doculife is available on web, iOS and Android. With a handful of amazing people spread around the globe, we’ve built Doculife from 0 users to thousands in just over a year. Doculife named one of “Dallas Startups to Watch 2020”.

Bring the UI Design Heat for a Hungry Pakistani Market

Telenor Pakistan, the country’s second largest mobile operator, brought me on as a consultant to develop a video clip and streaming app focusing on news and cricket called Goonj, which means “reverberate” in urdu.

App design in the Pakistan market is relatively poor. Telenor wanted this app’s UI design to rival that of AAA apps like Vimeo and Youtube.

The target persona were upscale, educated more urban males. Handsets in the country trail that in the USA by a year or two, and is mostly an Android market due to cheap phones.

The persona was already accustomed to scrolling Western apps such as Facebook and Youtube. We verified this scrolling UX via prototype and field testing. My counterparts in Pakistan used the testing script I prepared to gather feedback from our target persona test subjects.

“Dark mode” was a relatively new concept that not many applications had in 2016. Given the target audience, we chose a dark UI with hot highlight colors that leapt off the screen.

The app stands out in the Pakistani market, and was a smashing success for Telenor, garnering over 2.5mm MAU and winning a bronze Effie in 2018 for software an applications.


  • Learning a new culture
  • Defining target device
  • Understanding the persona
  • Develop an exciting brand and user experience

  • Interview client and study/research persona
  • Develop wireframes and tappable prototype
  • Develop script for qualitative testing, iterate
  • Develop brand and design system
  • Develop final UI design

  • Goonj had over 2.5 million users
  • Won a Bronze Effie in Apps & Software category
  • Was a huge success for Telenor, sparking development of an internal experimental lab

Prototype Cross-platform NFL VR / AR Co-viewing Experience

“He brings a high level of creativity, insight, and experience to his work and excels at developing forward-looking user experiences.”

Kevin Tague
Product Design Director, DLAB

I was contracted by AT&T DirecTV’s Experimental Lab (DLab) to develop a prototype NFL co-viewing experience that had to be accessible by all current AR & VR platforms.

I knew everything about football, but had never experienced AR or VR before.

A secondary challenge was that I was used to 2D UX for websites and apps. VR is a 360 degree world with endless possibilities. The Samsung Gear was a novelty and as I would come to find out, just the tip of the ice berg.

Immersing myself in VR, I did a heuristic study of my own experience on a variety of VR platforms, using a multitude of apps to see the pros, cons and limitations of each platform. I also extensively interviewed or on-staff VR expert in the field who has been studying and using VR since the early 90s.


  • I had never experienced VR before
  • Website and other 2D screen UX is not applicable
  • Anything is possible in VR
  • How to access game schedule
  • How to watch a game
  • How to communicate in VR
  • Commerce integration


  • Validated UX concepts through prototypes in Unity 3D
  • My navigation UX pattern was headed for a patent before DLAB was closed due to the merger with AT&T (AT&T have their own experimental labs called Foundries so DLAB was duplicative)

$3m, 1600 Page Website Redesign for the World’s Number 1 Motorcycle Manufacturer

“His web designs always balanced business requirements, user-interface needs, and the ability to present fresh, new designs. Also, he’s able to support and defend his creative choices, while looking for ways to accommodate client wishes.”

George Harmon
Digital Marketing Manager, Honda Powersports

During my 5 years as Digital Creative Director for Honda Powersports, 2 of those were spent redesigning their website.

Dailey had been Honda Powersports’ agency of record for over 30 years when it came to print and television. We won the digital business to unite the brand under one roof.


  • Wide, varied audience
  • Over 55 vehicles with support for 2 model years of information
  • Varied use cases spanning many environments
  • Make complex navigation seem easy
  • Drive leads to national network of dealers

  • Create and maintain onsite development partner relationship
  • Wireframes detailing 1600+ pages and research tools
  • Persona development
  • Qualitative focus groups with static click testing
  • Production and QA of 1000s of assets to populate the 100s of color and accessory options

  • The website was live from 2008-2019. 11 years is an eternity in the digital realm, a testament to its usefulness in style and structure.
  • It expanded to handle over 20 more vehicles as Honda expanded its low and mid cc range street line up.

Rethink Global Site Search

Yale Medicine, one of the most respected medical brands in the country, was in the midst of a complete website redesigna nd needed help improving their site search.

The website was split into 4 major categories of Conditions, Organizations, Doctors and Stories. Search needed to equally show results from all 4 categories while also allowing room for an advanced filtering system.

Everything needed to also be ADA/WCAG 2.0 compliant.

Using Yale’s base brand colors, we developed a color way-finding system for each of the 4 categories and implemented this in the primary nav for visual reinforcement.

In order for user to identify better with doctors, we implemented and tested a card based system showcasing the doctor’s face. Showing a face is a warm welcome instead of a cold name. This also starts to build trust with the user, a potential patient seeking help for a serious problem.

Several CTAs and button color schemes were tested in the search bar to find the best/optimal phrasing to induce search.

When the site launched, global site search use doubled with time spent on search drastically reduced as users quickly found what they needed.


  • Representing results from Doctors, Conditions, Departments and Stories
  • Implement an easy to use filtering system
  • Make results visually interesting

  • Wireframes, Design and Implementation
  • Internal testing and optimization
  • Implemented new navigation, search bar design, search results UX
  • Brand color optimization to meet ADA Level 2 compliance

  • Search use increased over 200% from previous design
  • Time spent on search was reduced significantly

Redesigning Pakistan’s Military Banking App

I was contracted to lead the redesign of Askari Bank mobile app, used primarily by Pakistan’s military. This is an Android-only app targeted at slightly older handsets such as the Galaxy S9.

Mobile banking in Pakistan goes beyond transfers and bill pay to encompass things like purchasing bus tickets or other ecommerce.

There is also very strict security in Pakistan with extensive use of One Time Passwords (OTPs) whenever doing certain common activities in the app causing pain from a user perspective.

Most commonly used activities (based on analytics) were placed at the bottom of the application. An icon system was developed allowing quick access to many functions within thumb’s reach. The hamburger menu was also placed at the bottom for easier use.

The redesign was a massive success, with a 4.6/5 rating in the Play store from over 8500 reviews and 100k+ installs.


  • Complex security
  • Unnecessary page loads and taps
  • Poor UX and UI design
  • Many complaints by users over the experience
  • Access primary features with 1 tap

  • Develop new flows to solve UX issues, test and iterate
  • Research analytics and balance business goals to prioritize features
  • Propose new security flow
  • Develop multiple UI design ideas based on brand colors
  • Develop design system


Sam Jolly

Unity Developer, DLAB (DirecTV)
I worked alongside Sam on experimental VR

As the User Interface (UI) Designer, Jason designed innovative and elegant solutions that solved complex design challenges as they related to a multi platform (HTC Vive, GearVR, Hololens) VR/AR application.
In addition to his design skill and attention to detail, his technical analysis and understanding, collaborative spirit, work ethic and communication skills made working on elaborate projects smooth and gratifying.

Nick Collier

Co-founder, Creative Strategy, CollierSimon
Nick managed me directly at Dailey & CollierSimon

I’ve worked alongside Jason for over five years on hundreds of projects for top brands, and he is one of those rare hybrids who can seamlessly blend strategy, relationship management, great creative execution and technical know how.

Casey Hogue

Creative Director
I managed Casey directly at CollierSimon

He’s a fantastic team leader and always has a clear picture of overall project/client marketing goals and messaging.
He gives straightforward and concise direction, possesses a deep understanding of the digital landscape, and is one of those people you just can’t help but stand back and sponge his knowledge.
It’s been a great journey and honor to hunker down in the trenches with him on several projects.

Don Lupo

SVP, Digital Production, Dailey
I worked alongside Don on digital projects at Dailey

Jason (JR) is that unique person who can rise above the massive amount of details on a project, cull through them carefully, and determine the best creative tack to take.
JR’s rare perspective has helped us on innumerable projects, and his technical savvy brings it all home for the client.
He has the ability to see how the consumer will use technology to absorb, utilize and redistribute the brand message.
JR is brilliant and dedicated; I’m glad to have had the pleasure of working with him.

Nauman Qureshi

Head of Digital Products, Telenor
Nauman managed me directly on several projects for the Pakistani market

Jason is simply amazing to work with. He’s got great aesthetic sense that he brings to the table making his designs very functional and beautiful.
He brought some very interesting user perspective that I had overlooked and was able to implement those through his design.
Total team player and simply a wonderful person to work with!

Marcus Wesson

Chief Creative Officer, Dailey
Marcus managed me directly at Dailey

JR’s strengths come from his ability to take a project and not need a huge support staff to bring it to fruition.
He’s a self-starter with an independence that comes in handy when the budgets are tight, but you still need to crush it. Fantastic guy to work with.

Thanks for scrolling this far! 🙌

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